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Currently offering her 12-week WELL-FED ATHLETE PROGRAM. It consists of weekly calls with Katie, a registered dietitian, that focuses on sports nutrition education, intuitive eating as an active individual, and body image work. Everything is online so she can work with you from anywhere. The program focuses on the transformation to make you a confident, intuitive, and well fed athlete.


Claire grew up as a competitive swimmer and runner. Through her own experiences of adjusting her nutrition and learning from professionals, she discovered her love for science and examining how nutrition can impact not only athletic performances but also overall health. Claire obtained her Master's of Science in Exercise Physiology/Sports Nutrition from Florida State University and is a credentialed and licensed dietitian. Claire has worked with a variety of collegiate athletes, functional fitness athletes and athletes suffering from disordered eating and eating disorders. Claire has a passion for helping people to use food in order to make healthy decisions and reach their goals.


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TMA is your 1 stop shop remote training service in which we pair inividuals with their own personal coach so they can "Taylar" your journey to your specific goals! We have professional coaches that work with athletes of all levels that specialize in areas of crossfit, weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, weight loss/gain, and general health and wellness. Our coaches will take you through an extensive consultation and assessment that will be used to build a personalized road map for YOU!